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What People Are Saying...

Christian Jensen - Executive Director of myTEAM Triumph, Wisconsin Chapter

“A life of purpose is a gift for everyone to discover!  The First Step hits you at your core with inspiration to go out and find your purpose!”

Peter Scott - The Fearless Mindset Mentor, Founder of the Fearless Life Academy, Best Selling Author of "The Fearless Mindset", Creator of the 90 Day Fearless Fitness Challenge

"The First Step illustrates how one simple decision can radically transform a mundane existence into a purpose driven life.  This inspiring story is a must read for anyone who wants to have a positive impact on humanity."

Stephanie Pereira da Silva - Health and Wellness Manager, Former myTEAM Triumph Board Member

"Brian clearly depicts what it means to find meaning & purpose in a personal wellness journey. He shows the reader that through service leadership you can not only elevate your health and well being, but contribute to those in this world that need it most. Great job Brian!"

Dr. Kresimir Jug - Chiropractor, Crossfit Gym Owner, Cancer Conqueror

"The only thing more inspiring than Brian's fictional characters is Brian himself! In a world unfortunately full of fakes and frauds... Brian is a person with integrity."

About The Author

Brian Drury has always had a passion for helping people. He had always wanted to write a book and, at the age of 23, started writing The First Step. He wrote the book with the intention of helping young adults recognize the ability they have to create the life of their dreams and to bring attention to an incredible organization, myTEAM TRIUMPH. Now Brian published his book at 25 while living in Brazil, all thanks to the inspiration provided by myTEAM TRIUMPH. Brian is a writer, blogger, podcaster, world traveler, and a young man who has a passion for helping people discover the power that resides within them. In 2015 he started the Overcoming Graduation Podcast and the accompanying website,, to help young adults learn everything he wished he'd known about life to help them graduate to the next level. 

To learn more about Brian, check out the resources below! 

Podcast: Overcoming Graduation 


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